“She follows her own advice.”

She has mentored dozens of young professionals, including myself, to pursue careers and experiences that are enriching professionally and personally. We trust her because she follows her own advice.

Aerica Shimizu Banks, Patent Analyst, Google; Truman-Albright Fellow; Weidenfeld Scholar (Oxford University)

“I count myself lucky.”

Ruth is a truly unique combination of dizzying intellect and fierce passion. I truly believe that if anyone can change the world for the better, she can. I count myself lucky to have had the chance to both know her, and work with her.

Leyla Farah, Director, Account Management, Oracle

Dr. White is an exceptionally gifted professor with real world experience and a driving passion for social change.
She not only has passion for her desire and effect on social change, but is a dedicated force multiplier in inspiring others to think BIG and incite change.
I only regret that I’ve met her so late in my career. She inspires me to engineer change at every opportunity; I’ve learned I have more power than I ever imagined.

Beverly Nelson, Senior Consulting Professional


“Inspirational to community leaders.”

Ruth White is a down to earth lady who can use her profession and little resources to change the world. She initiated a project “Safe Motherhood” in Njeru Town Council Uganda. Her ability to involve the community to take the lead was amazing and inspirational to the community leaders and the local NGOs.

Faustine Ngarambe, Executive Director, St. Francis Health Services, Njeru, Uganda

“Ruth's mentorship appreciates.”

The skills that Ruth teaches are not usually taught in the classroom, but are nonetheless absolutely necessary for leadership development and successful navigation of complex organizations. Over time, the value of Ruth’s mentorship appreciates: her ability to clarify goals and expectations results in accumulating successes. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Matthew Bebbington, Financial Associate, JPMorgan Chase & Co.