Turning science into practice.

WellMindPlus workshops engage participants with stories, humor, and the research to provide simple science-driven life hacks that transform the way participants live, work, and love. 

We work together to translate science into practice, shifting you from knowing to doing and being. With a focus on building small habits that lead to big changes, participants will learn simple but powerful life hacks that help them sleep, eat, move and love your way to a healthier, happier version of themselves. 

I was impressed by breadth of strategies suggested for managing stress. From, at-work strategies to nutrition and simply being outside, I learned a lot about what I can do now.
— Ramin Taleghani





Participants learn about cutting edge science behind stress responses and moods. Connect and activate health heuristics that will guide the development of new behaviors supporting their mental well-being.

Participants leave motivated and inspired, with an individualized plan for adding new, easy to implement habits, transforming what they know to what they do. 

Virtual or In Person

Stress Buster Assess the impact of stress on your life. Develop an individualized, science-based plan of health heuristics and small habits guiding you through stressful times.

Mood Changer Learn how to control your moods, instead of them controlling you. Develop new habits that increase dopamine and serotonin–the biochemicals that drive mood and pleasure–helping you behave your way to a new mood. 



Behave your way to healthy and happy. 

We are turning science into practice. There is no quick fix for anxiety and depression–Well Mind Plus classes are not intended to replace medication or counseling.